Tips For Keeping Your Flooring Clean

The everyday grind gets to us all, which is why we need to have everything on our side to make our lives easier. This is especially important if you come from a busy family household! Since you’ve likely spent a lot of money on your new flooring, you’ll likely want to keep it looking fresh for as long as possible. Luckily, there are tips you can follow to keep things looking fresher for longer!

Lots of sweeping

As laborious as it is, sweeping is something we all have to do. Not only will this keep your flooring hygienic, but prevent it from getting scratched. This is especially important with real wood, as it’s not scratch proof like Luxury Vinyl Tiles. If this is something that’s likely to happen in your home, then be more considered with your flooring choice.

Mopping & Vacuuming

Although sweeping is quick, vacuuming is the most effective way of getting dust and debris up. Be aware of the attachment however, as some flooring can be scratch by harsh bristles. We’d recommend vacuuming at least once a week to keep it looking fresh and mopping should be done at least once too. Warm soapy water does the trick, however if you want to go one step further then you can get specialist floor cleaner. If you’re lucky enough to have real wood then don’t use a steam mop, as this causes it to warp and swell!

Slippers and rugs!

If you’re really wanting to maintain your flooring in the best way, then avoid wearing outdoor shoes on. Not only are they harsher on floor, but stones that get stuck in them can cause scratches! Place rugs in areas that experience higher foot traffic as this will help reduce the wear and tear on your floors. It is also worth getting furniture protectors.

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