Top 3 Spanish Adventures

The Sun Drenched Wild Land, Spain is simply awesome. It is famous for its breathtaking beaches, bullfighters, and natural wonders. Spain is a beautiful country, but there is much more to do than lie on the beach and sip sangria. Start planning your Holidays in Spain with Thomas Cook today.

I’ve compiled a list of adventures to get your heart pumping while you’re there:

Running of the Bulls

We’ve all seen the Youtube footage of some overweight guy getting dealt too by an angry bull at this event. Bottom line is don’t even consider getting involved if you don’ back yourself as an athlete or have indulged in a few too many drinks beforehand, an angry bulls horn through the back is no joke. If you back yourself though the event runs from July 7th to 14th in Calle Santo Doming . The event begins when the San Cernin church clock strikes 8am. Rockets are launched into the air and the bulls are released and charge 825 metres from the Corral to the bullring.

So if you are up for it, start honing your reflexes, do a little speed training and get in there, it’s a rush you wont get anywhere else.

"Parasailing" by Robert Young

“Parasailing” by Robert Young

Parasailing in Ibiza

Imagine flying high above the Mediterranean whilst being towed by a supercharged speedboat! If this sounds like your kind of thing then you should check out the Parasailing options in Ibiza. You can fly solo or get harnessed up with a friend and experience this adrenaline rush together. Take a moment to soak up the view when you get air born, between your screams perhaps. It’s a truly spectacular way to see Ibiza.

"Windsurfing" by texaus1

“Windsurfing” by texaus1

Windsurfing in Barcelona

Head to Catalunya and try your hand at windsurfing. The gentle waters make it a great place to hone your skills. There are plenty other water sports options with Kayaks for hire and sailing classes available at various spots along the coastline.

If you don’t fancy anything wild, there are plenty of places to relax and soak up the culture in Spain, sunbathe on a beach, indulge in the local cuisine and check out the markets. If you get tired of relaxing though get your heart pumping with one of these adventure options.

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