Top Cities to Celebrate New Years


Humans have been ushering in the New Year for thousands of years. It’s a time to reflect on the year gone by and a time to set goals for the year ahead. It’s a time of celebration and a time to get a little crazy.

Here are some top spots for counting down the New Year in style.

Credit: "New Years Bangkok" by Prachanart Viriyaraks on Flickr

Credit: “New Years Bangkok” by Prachanart Viriyaraks on Flickr

Bangkok, Thailand

People from all around the world flock to Bangkok every year to party, and what better time than New Years Eve! With an abundance of parties, shopping venues, nightclubs, restaurants and street performances there is something here for everybody. For the biggest and most spectacular new years spot check out the Central World Shopping Plaza where the famous New Years fireworks show will also be on display. Live music, dazzling lights and a variety of sound shows head to the Central World Square and join in the celebrations. If you want to make the most of the night and avoid the massive crowds aim to get there before 10pm.

Times Square, NYC

Since 1904 people have been celebrating the coming of the New Year by gathering in Times Square and watching the ball drop. Over one million people turn up and once the clock hits midnight over one ton of confetti is released and rains down on the city. One of the most famous locations for the countdown and no tickets are required.

Credit: "New Years London" by Sean MacEntee on Flickr

Credit: “New Years London” by Sean MacEntee on Flickr

London, England

Watch the dazzling display of fireworks explode over the Thames as the Big Ben strikes midnight. The display has been called one of the most spectacular in the world and the New Years Day Parade the following day is larger than life.

Rome, Italy

Celebrate San Silvestro (New Years Eve) in the Pizza del Popolo. Thousands of people gather together to witness the fireworks and a free musical. A great way to usher in the New Year, and when in Rome party as the Romans do!

Credit: "New Years Sydney" by Hai Linh Truong on Flickr

Credit: “New Years Sydney” by Hai Linh Truong on Flickr

Sydney, Austrailia

One of the most thrilling fireworks displays can be seen here on New Year’s Eve. With the backdrop of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House it is a truly dramatic setting. Whether you are attending one of the many rooftop parties, cruising along the harbor or meeting family and friends in one of the public viewing areas you are in for an unforgettable New Years.

There are so many destinations to celebrate the New Year so pick the best one for you and make it happen!





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