Top 4 Ways to Kill Time in Transit

Traveling is fun: obviously you end up in a new destination, it’s such a blessing to be able to travel and all that jazz, but the truth is it can be challenging to spend hours and hours in the air. If you’re unlucky, you might find yourself with a few stop overs or with really long flights without Internet. While I personally love watching a few movies on a flight, or reading a book while in the airport, after a while this gets boring and I start getting frustrated! I’ve figured a few little tricks that help flying become a little more interesting and all those boring travel bits a bit more bearable. Here are my top 4 ways to kill time in transit:
 1. Get Learning
Whether you’re at school, college, or just wanting to learn a little more about a hobby or passion, time spent on a plane, bus, train or even sitting in an airport is an excellent opportunity to learn and study. It’s hard to say what is the best online learning app because there’s such a great range, such as this top iTunes studying app. My suggestion is to find an app you can use offline as well as that will be useful for those times when you’re without Internet. If you have an Android, don’t worry, there is also an android study app so that you can keep up no matter your platform.
2. Audiobooks
While I love reading, sometimes audio books are just easier, especially if you pair them with a set of bluetooth headphones. That way you can listen without the stress of worrying about untangling your cords! You can listen to books on any subject, from learning about a new hobby or interest, to getting lost in one of the many great fiction pieces out there. It’s a wonderful way to relax and lose track of time when you’re stuck somewhere you would rather not be!
3. A Deck of Cards
I personally love a deck of cards to travel with as they really don’t take up much space and you can pay a wide range of games. This is especially great if you’re traveling in a group with friends or family, because when you are bored you can whip them out and play a fun game like Snap or Speed. The other great thing about a deck of cards is that they take up hardly any space. Another fun deck of cards you could travel with is Cards of Humanity, they’re a little larger and maybe R rated, but a ton of fun!
4. Some Fun Phone Games
There are so many different types of apps and phone games available for phones these days. If you’re looking for something more mentally challenging, why not play a game like Words with Friends which is essentially an online version of scrabble. One of my favourite games to play when I was bored and waiting around was 1010, a cube based game which is really challenging and addictive. There are a ton of options out there, so just find one that works for you and I’m sure you will find the time flying by!
Traveling is a lot of fun, but there are times when it can be boring or even inconvenient. Use these four tips to make those times a little more interesting!

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