Top Activities to do in Toronto

Toronto is a wonderful cosmopolitan city to visit and to be honest completely exceeded my expectations. It’s great multi-cultural hub with many sites and sounds to explore. Here are some of my favourite attractions of Toronto.

1. The iconic skyline of Toronto is dominated by CN tower, a must see attraction when exploring the city. The CN tower used to be one of the largest freestanding structures. Whilst it’s super impressive from the ground if you are after a thrill seeking adventure then check out their exhilarating edgewalk. Why not book into downtown Toronto hotels so you can be in the middle of it all.

2. Toronto has some great local markets that will appeal to both shopping and culinary enthusiasts. The Kensington markets and surrounding streets is filled with unique vintage stores, street art, hidden bars and great cafes. The St Lawrence Market is a foodies heaven and in fact has won many accredited awards in this area. Both of these market areas you could spend days exploring.

4. Every major cosmopolitan city has a Chinatown of some sort, but Toronto has to have one of my favourites. Here you will find a great range of fresh food markets, delicious and affordable restaurants as well as your typical Chinatown street vendors. It’s a great place to pull out your camera and get some awesome city shots.

5. When you need a break from city exploring pop on over to the Toronto Islands. You can catch the ferry from Queens Quay and explore these eight picturesque islands on the coast of Lake Ontario. There are no cars on the islands making it the perfect destination for some peace and quiet. Take a nice stroll or picnic in the parks or if you feel like a bit more activity then you can rent a bike or kayak. You can even visit the Centreville Amusement Park, if you need something for the whole family.

6. If you want to go and hang out with all the hipsters and taste some of the most delicious food then you must visit the Queen West District. This would have to be one of my favourite areas in Toronto. You don’t really need to do anything here except just walk the streets, sampling all the delicious food and coffee and soaking in the total hipster vibe of the place.

7. Whilst Toronto city itself has many attractions it has a vast range of awesome sites you can explore outside of the city. So rent a car and go explore, or organise one of the many day trips from the city. Just 90 minutes away is the infamous Niagara Falls or you can go explore the neighbouring Niagara Wine Region.

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