How to make the most of your vacation?

Vacations are a very special time of the year, as most of us don’t get to take them very often. But the worst is when you return home feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation. Here are my top tips for making the most out of your holiday that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed at the end of it.


Go on a Tour

For some reason, many people have a bad stigma about going on a tour. I simply cannot understand why; it’s perfect if you’ve got a limited timeframe but really want to see a lot. You’ll meet new people, get to enjoy your holiday and you’ll be alleviated of the stress that does come with navigating a new city or town. Check out these Niagara Falls Packages to get some inspiration for your next holiday.


With technology these days we are contactable all the time. I know way too many people who go on holiday and are still answering work calls and emails. The whole point of a vacation is to step away from the office and relax. So why in the world are you opting to work when you should be drinking margaritas by the pool. The best and most relaxing holidays I’ve ever had is when I’ve refused to turn my phone on, go on any social media networks or log in to my emails. You may feel some separation anxiety at first from your beloved laptop or phone, but trust me unplugging is well worth it. If you have some job where unplugging is impossible then try to limit yourself to a set time that you will do work.


Slow down

We are busy busy busy all the time, so why when you go on holiday do you pack each day filled with an itinerary of a million different activities. Use this vacation time to slow down your everyday pace in life and take some time to relax. I don’t plan too much when going on vacation, rather I just like to take each day as it comes and only do the things I feel like doing on that day.

Hire a local guide

Rather than sticking to the travel books or review sites, find a local and get them to take you exploring for the day. By hiring a local guide you can discover some of the most amazing spots at your holiday destination. This can be anything from discovering the best hidden beach or tasting some of the best food. As well if you have your own local guide they can tailor the tour to the specific areas you are interested in exploring. On big group tours you get stuck with only exploring a set itinerary.

Get organised

When taking a vacation do your research before you go of things you may need to pack and take with you. Whilst you don’t want to be overly prepared like a girl scout, if there are certain things you need during a holiday that aren’t available at your destination you can save a lot of time and headaches by being prepared.


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