Top Learning Strategies for Offices and Businesses

There are a variety of different learning strategies that have been effectively implemented by businesses both large and small. One thing that’s becoming clear, however, is that it will be crucial to embrace technology if you’re hoping to implement learning strategies for your team this year.

Augmented and virtual reality both offer immersive experiences that can be used to teach employees skills that they will then use within your business. If you remember how Pokemon Go was all anyone was talking about for a few months last year, you’ll see how this can be a great way to connect with your employees and get them excited about learning- particularly if some of them are Millennials- who automatically expect tech to be incorporated in every aspect of their lives.

There’s a reason why toddlers are using mobiles and iPads to learn their ABCs, and this is another great way to incorporate learning strategies for staff. Since we already spend so much time using our smart devices, encouraging employees to take this a step further and do their training on their device can be a great way to overcome any resistance to training.


E-learning and gamification is another strategy which is taking off at the moment- and for good reason. This allows your content to be transformed into interactive stories, which is both entertaining and immersive for learners, allowing them to experience situational simulations and make your fixed content interesting and accessible.

One of the great things about e-learning, is it can be generated according to the specific needs of the learner- and it’s engaging enough to ensure that learners are motivated and interested throughout the process. Since the content is interactive, learners are less likely to daydream and instead will keep their attention on the content, and have a better learning experience.

Virtual training is an excellent option for those who have employees in multiple offices. This means that staff get all the benefits associated with a classroom based training session, while enjoying the convenience of a virtual learning environment. Delivery will usually be accomplished with a range of the latest technology, including interactive white boards, web cams, and more. This is hugely beneficial when teams or employees are spread across the globe, and a much more cost-effective way to ensure learners are benefiting from a group dynamic without needing to transport either the learners or the teacher between locations.

If you haven’t yet heard of experiential learning, you may better know it as “learning on the job”. This is a hands-on learning approach, and allows employees to develop values, skills, and knowledge by directly experiencing different situations, instead of learning within a traditional educational environment.

This is a great way to help people develop their skills, and involves training that’s taking place within the workplace. If you’d like to learn more about these excellent learning strategies, get in touch with GP strategies today.

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