Top tips for traveling in Europe

Planning to travel in Europe this year? Europe is an amazing place to travel for a variety of reasons. Not only is each country so different, with unique cultures, foods, languages, and scenery, but you can easily travel from country to country and see a plethora of “bucket list” destinations in a relatively short time frame.

There are definitely some things you should keep in mind when you’re planning a trip and travelling in Europe. Here are some of my top tips to ensure you have an amazing time:

Choose the right time

While the idea of spending the summer sunbathing on a Mediterranean beach sounds lovely, the rest of Europe (and millions of other tourists) also think the same thing. This means you’ll be dealing with long queues and overcrowded beaches at most attractions.

One of the best ways to see Europe without the massive crowds? Travel during the shoulder season. You’ll save money on tours, train tickets, flights, and accommodation. While most main tourist attractions will still be open, you’ll need to check what time some of them close in the shoulder season. You’re also likely to enjoy slightly cooler weather in spring or fall, which makes it easier to get out and about and see more attractions.

Pack Light

Many European hotels are missing an elevator, and those cute cobblestone streets are no fun to navigate when you’re dragging a heavy suitcase. Pack as light as you can and commit to finding a laundromat once a week if you’re taking a long trip. This will also mean you’ll have plenty of room if you plan to do some shopping.

If possible, ditch the suitcase for a lightweight backpack. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable these can be, and how much easier it is to transport your things between train stations, airports, and hotels.

Take a road trip

Road trips are always a great way to see a particular country or region, and driving in Europe is relatively safe and easy. You can rent a car in many countries, and can often take it across borders as long as you’re returning it to the same country. Just make sure you’re aware of the road rules and you take plenty of breaks.

Take travel insurance

You should never travel without travel insurance, and travelling in Europe is no exception. There are plenty of options for cheap travel insurance like Webjet, just be sure that your policy will cover you in the event of a medical emergency, lost baggage, lost passport, and more.


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