How to Do a Vegas Trip on a Budget?

Before you travel, it’s always important to have a game plan. Without this, you’ll end up spending outside of your budget. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than coming home with the vacation blues, sad and broke.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Before you get distracted by the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, here are some tips on how to go about planning your Las Vegas trip on a budget.

Book Everything Early

Assuming you give your employer advance notice on your travel plans, practice that same ritual when it comes to booking your flight and hotel. This saves you the headache of running around trying to reserve your airfare at the last minute.

Besides saving yourself that stress, it’s been said that reserving your flight even just seven days in advance can save you money. Weirdly enough, booking flights on weekdays also has the same advantage. This rule applies to booking room reservations as well, which brings us to our next budget-saving tip.

Consider Staying off the Strip

Many tourists want to stay on the Las Vegas Strip because of its popularity, but don’t be afraid to branch out. There are many great hotels outside of the Strip, so consider options in the downtown area or check out Airbnb to save some money.

Downtown Las Vegas is where the city first began so, there, you’ll dive into historic Vegas culture. This area is only 10 minutes away from the Strip, so you aren’t too far from the action.

If you decide to go for an Airbnb, you have the advantage of allowing your host to give you the ins and outs of the city, potentially even giving you their own advice on how to save while in Vegas.

With many methods of transportation offered in Las Vegas, getting to the Strip from any location in the city is fairly easy. A short cab ride or car service can do that for a very low price.

Sign up for Loyalty Programs

I cannot stress this enough: You can save and earn points for practically doing anything throughout Las Vegas! Almost all casinos offer their own version of a loyalty program, so be sure to take some time to research and compare Las Vegas loyalty programs to ensure you’re getting the most value.

Most of these programs are free to sign up for. As long as you’re of the age of 21 and over, don’t forget to show your loyalty card to begin saving! Presenting your loyalty card will get you discounts on food, show tickets, and more throughout the city of Las Vegas.

Stack up points as you hop around the city and be sure that you’re getting rewarded for spending time in Sin City.

Use the Tipping Hack

This should be a no brainer, but don’t overlook the casino employees. They know all the secrets around the city and while befriending casino staff isn’t always easy, there are ways to do that.

Known as the $20 trick in Las Vegas, sliding the front desk staff those bucks could land you on their good side. Just show up to the counter and check in to your room as per usual, then ask the clerk in your nicest tone if anything happens to be available in another suite (for example, a room with a view of the Strip). As you’re asking this, slide a $20 bill over to the clerk, but remain casual.

Receiving upgrades by tipping has been proven to work, so this is something to keep in mind while you check in. Just don’t be pesky. Take what you’re given!


Vegas offers adventure in every corner, so it’s no surprise that tourists tend to get distracted from their intended budget. Even if you have the funds, don’t spend more than you need to.

Following the tips above guarantee saving money on your trip, which only means having more room in your budget for exploring. So, be sure to jot down these points for your next trip to Las Vegas and have fun!

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