Why you should visit St Lucia

In St Lucia you’ll find a lush interior, towering mountains, fertile valleys, dense rain forest, and, of course, plenty of banana plantations. Most people know St Lucia by the Pitons, which are twin mountains soaring high into the sky and located on the southwest coast. Wherever you stay in St Lucia, exploring the local history and iconic natural sights is a must.

While the beautiful beaches are waiting, the scenery is another reason why you’ll love St Lucia. Much of this exciting destination is mountainous and you’ll notice that it’s covered in a thick rainforest, with golden beaches in the north and silvery beaches in the south.

For a Caribbean vacation, St Lucia is an excellent choice, especially if you’re looking for an upmarket, secluded, and romantic place to stay. Don’t be surprised if your hotel room has an outdoor shower garden, hammock for two, private plunge pool, and view of the Pitons. You’ll be surrounded by nature at all times, and will likely see plenty of wedding ceremonies and couples on their honeymoon.


While St Lucia is an excellent destination for a girls trip or family vacation, there’s little question that the majority of visitors are on a romantic holiday in St Lucia, as the surroundings, hotels, and atmosphere simply lends itself to romance.

Peak season is generally from December to April, but you’ll find better rates in summer and autumn (although it will also be wetter and stickier). In the North you’ll find Castires and Rodney Bay Village, while the South is a little more tranquil and scenic, and boasts views of the Pitons. There are plenty of day trip excursions, by both road and boat between the south and the north.

St Lucia measures just 27 miles by 14 miles, and although small, is considered to be perfectly formed. If you like exotic wildlife and lush vegetation, you’ll love this island. Be sure to bring the camera, particularly if your hotel has a view of the Pitons, and consider taking some of the many tailor made tours which will allow you to explore the island.


Expect to see dolphins, humpback whales, birds, and other wildlife, and if you’re the type who likes to stay active on vacation, you’ll find plenty to do, including trail riding, hiking, sailing, snorkelling and diving. After you’ve spent the day being active and enjoying the island, you can enjoy a wonderful massage or relax in a spa with a glass of wine.

There are activities throughout the year in St Lucia, including international cricket matches, an annual carnival, and the St Lucia Jazz Festival, so be sure to check what’s happening on the island while you’ll be visiting.

Planning to tie the knot? There are many hotels which will provide you with a free wedding, including Anse Chastanent, Jade Mountain, Sugar beach, Morgan Bay, St James’ Club, the Rendezvous, and more.

If you’re looking for a romantic holiday destination, you won’t find a better place than St Lucia, so be sure to book soon.

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