Why I’ve Learned to Love City Breaks

I used to love long term travel. There was nothing better than having the freedom to go wherever I wanted and change my mind continually. But here’s the thing: Unless you have unlimited funds, eventually you’re going to have to do some work.

And working online may seem like the perfect solution, but try working from a bunkbed hostel when everyone else is about to go out drinking and you’ll quickly change your mind.

Instead of constantly working, and never getting to enjoy the city I’m visiting, while only having the budget to stay in the cheapest of hostels, I’ve begun to change the way I travel.


I’ve now learned to love city breaks, and for me, and many other people, this really is the perfect way to travel. Instead of being continually connected to work and either feeling stressed because you’re working and should be out seeing things, or you’re seeing the sights and need to work, city breaks give you the perfect mini vacation.

A city break can be anything from 24 hours to a few days, or longer if you have the time! The ideal way to have a city break is to tell all clients (or your boss) that you’ll be completely unreachable during this time. Turn off your phone if you’re really feeling like you can commit, and completely disengage from work.

My ultimate city break would be one where I stay at a nice hotel, get up late and in time for a nice brunch, wander the city while stopping for snacks and coffee, followed by a mid afternoon nap. I’d then go out for a late dinner and night of bar-hopping, before taking another sleep in the next day.

After room service (I’m sure I’d have a sore head) I would visit some of the most recommended tourist sites, and hopefully find some of my own which are only known to locals. I would then want to find the best place for local food, upload my favourite photos to Instagram, and check out of the hotel the next day.


Pack an old-school guidebook, and spend the time doing anything you like. The trick is to completely enjoy the experience, learn about the city, and really be in the moment without feeling tired from constant travel, or distracted by work which needs to be done.

One good thing about city breaks is that they can be completely tailored depending on the type of tourist you are.

If you’re a foodie you can research the best restaurants in the city and spend your weekend ticking them off. If you’re a shopaholic you can go nuts in the markets and malls. If you’re one of those people who has to see as much as they can you can practically run from one tourist attraction to the next, taking as many photos as you can. And if you’re like me you can combine relaxation with travel, and spend time drinking coffee and people watching.

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