3 Gifts to Give a New Mom or Dad

There’s no other transition in life that really compares to the journey someone goes on when they become a parent. Yes, it’s true what they say – enjoy your sleep before the baby comes, because once they’re here you wont get much of it. Well, it’s kind of true, for many parents the first month is surprisingly easier, the baby is small and spends most of the day and night sleeping, but as they grow their demands become bigger and it’s common for couples to spend a lot of the first few months fighting, as they navigate their new role as parents and figure out how to survive on 2 hour chunks of sleep at a time. If you know someone who’s making the transition to new mom or dad, why not spoil them with a thoughtful gift that shows you care. Here are my top 3 gifts to give a new mom or dad:

1. Something for their hobbies
Once you become a parent, it can be hard to remember the person you were before and what you liked. Why not spoil your friend with something related to their hobbies. If your friend loves going to yoga classes, why not buy them a week or month’s pass, or a new yoga mat. If your friend is into hunting, then it can be the perfect time to get them some new Crossbows from TenPoint Crossbow Technologies.

2. Books
Books are a great gift, one of my favourite gifts to give new babies is children’s books, because they can enjoy them for years to come, you can write a personalized message in the cover, and they can be shared with their siblings too. Parents can also really enjoy receiving new books when a baby comes. You’ll be surprised by how much time is really spent breastfeeding or bottle feeding a newborn – it’s hours and hours a day. While many parents use this time to bond with their baby, it can also be a wonderful time to read a book. If your friends are interested in learning more about religion, why not get them a book from buddhismnature.com. If they have a Kindle or smart phone it can be a good idea to purchase them an audiobook so they can listen while doing activities with their new baby.

3. Services
The transition from no kids to becoming a parent can be quite shocking. It can take hours to do simple tasks around the home. Cooking dinner and cleaning up can feel like impossible tasks, that’s why I think it’s a really thoughtful gift to give services to new parents. You can buy them a voucher for x hours worth of cleaning, or if that’s not in your budget, dropping around a few freezer meals can make a world of difference. If you’re adding a new baby to your family, you might be looking for storage units near me to help clear out some of your excess things from the baby’s room.

While it’s always fun and thoughtful to buy something for the new baby, don’t forget about the parents too! If you’re looking for some help with content for your website, click now to find out more.

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