3 Places in the World You Have to Visit in the Next 10 Years

Most of us aren’t short on destinations on our bucket lists. Every year, though, it seems much easier to add new spots than it is to find the time to actually visit some of our existing dream locations. We’re not counting on this year being any different, with a number of new destinations being unearthed by travel enthusiasts and even the possibility of some old favourites disappearing in the future. Here are three places in the world that you won’t want to miss in the next decade.


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Voted the European Green Capital in 2016, Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, has been steadily improving its infrastructure and putting itself on the radar of many tourists who wouldn’t previously have considered visiting the city. This is good news not only its business owners, but also for the potential travelers, too, as this hidden gem is a beautiful place to visit, especially during the spring when the weather’s still warm but the city is not overly crowded with tourists. Along with historical attractions like the city’s Castle and any number of attractive Jože Plečnik-designed buildings, Ljubljana features a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and is becoming known for its traditional cuisine and increasingly well-regarded local wines.


Persepolis, Iran

Say that you’re be holidaying in Iran this year and you’ll likely be greeted with more than just a raised eyebrow. However, thanks to the Vienna agreement on the country’s nuclear programme was announced last July, Western relations with the company are expected to improve over the coming years. While independent travel is still not possible in the region, the near future does hold the possibility of an entire generation of travelers being able to experience this country for the first time. If you can only visit one location, make it Persepolis. At it’s height, this city was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire, the largest of ancient history.


Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Last, but not least, is the Great Barrier Reef. Stretching out over 1,400 miles and home to around 1,500 different species of fish, the Reef is the perfect travel destination for lovers of the sea with trips from Bolsover Cruise Club planned regularly. Unfortunately, the Great Barrier Reef isn’t listed here because it’s a hot, up-and-coming location. The reality is that this World Heritage site is steadily eroding, and may not be around much longer. Unless immediate action is taken, many leading scientists claim that the area could suffer irreversible damage by the year 2030. Whether you’ve already visited this location or not, you may want to arrange another visit before it’s too late.

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