4 benefits of flying by private jet for your next family holiday

A family holiday should be about everyone getting the chance to relax. But more often than not such holidays tend to be anything but stress free, especially when travelling with children.

Children need a lot of sleep so getting them up and ready in time to leave for the airport can be a struggle. Add to that the tedium of waiting in queues for security and baggage, the elongated – and usually chagrin-heavy – flight to your final destination and you can end up with a fairly exhausting experience.

But by chartering a private jet, these issues can be largely avoided.

Your holiday starts from the moment you get to the airport, and continues seamlessly until you arrive back home. Your family will feel refreshed and well rested, fully immersed in the glorious memories of sand, sea, and sunshine.

Here, we shall explore four benefits of choosing to travel by private jet for your next family holiday.


Satisfies finicky children

According to private charter company Bespoke Air Charter, our sense of taste alters with high altitude. This, coupled with mass produced and uninspired meals, makes for a less than appetising dining experience aboard some commercial flights. With unappealing meal options, the chances of  children growing increasingly disgruntled and stroppy increases tenfold.

For this reason, private airplane organisations have associated themselves with distinguished restaurants and local suppliers to source their in-flight meals. Private jet catering companies have tailor made and specialised menus, meaning flyers can choose from a variety of interesting dishes for the whole family.

Travelling by private plane can also help parents avoid the occasional embarrassment of difficult and demanding children. By offering a wide range of in-flight entertainment and facilities, private jets help to keep bored children amused and suitably distracted even during long haul flights. Seats can also be changed and reclined into comfortable beds when the need for rest arises.

Avoids rushing and waiting

Part of the bliss that comes with travelling by private aircraft occurs through simply circumventing the disruptive experience associated with commercial airports. There are no tedious security measures, nor any long lines for baggage drop procedures that can encourage children to moan and grumble.

There is no need to rush just for the sake of hanging around a busy airport hours prior to your flight. Unlike with commercial flights, if a passenger is late for their private flight, the aircraft will wait.

This helps to maintain the calm between a family, allowing them to arrive at their leisure, park securely, and take a short ride to the aircraft on a provided private shuttle. Furthermore, as a private jet related article on Forbes magazine highlights: passengers are always with their belongings, which averts any unnecessary worry over lost or damaged luggage.


Starts your holiday when you board

By avoiding the usual inconveniences associated with flying as a family, you can have immediate peace of mind from the moment your board your private jet.

Your luggage will be offloaded and transferred to your designated ground transportation, which can be summoned by aircraft crew before landing. All that a family is required to think about are their plans for the adventure or tranquility that await them.

What then, other than to sit back and enjoy your flight once boarded, reclining with a well deserved drink?

It does not need to cost a fortune

Contrary to popular belief, travelling by private aircraft is not the preserve of the rich. Aiming to lead by example, an itinerary for a trip to the luxurious French seaside resort of Le Touquet by a British newspaper was used to showcase that it need not cost as much as people may fear.

To fly out to the resort with a family of nine members works out at just under £2000, including a champagne reception.

Flying by private jet for your next family holiday is something that will benefit the entire family; it is a treat that a family deserves when planning a holiday together. It not only eliminates unnecessary stress and keeps the children happy, but also manages to combine convenience with an element of luxury. It is ultimately the definitive family holiday from start to finish.


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