Cruise and Stay?

Do you like the sea, or are you more of a feet on dry land kind of person? If you’re not sure of the answer to that question, then maybe you’re somewhere in the middle, and in that case a cruise and stay break could be just for you.

I can picture your expression now, you’re thinking ‘that sounds expensive’, well before you start panicking about cost, bear with me. Bargains are out there, and a week cruising, with a week in a destination on land is now extremely affordable. If you can make use of money saving extras, such as booking a parking spot at the airport through Airparks, then you’ll find this kind of break very much in sight. You don’t even have to be flying from one of the massive UK airports, as more regional airports offer this service, as well as value spots for Dublin Airport parking. It’s all a case of searching where you’re flying from and booking your service. Money saved before you even leave the country!


A popular cruise and stay option is a week or a few days cruising the Caribbean, and a week in Florida, usually in Orlando, with all the thrills and spills of the theme parks and countless other entertainment options. It’s probably a good idea to do the Orlando part of the holiday first, because that way you can kick back, relax and recharge your batteries on your cruise. A holiday in Orlando, if you do the theme parks, can be exhausting, so before you fly back to your normal daily work life, grab the chance to chill out!

You might be thinking about the money you’ll spend on food and drink etc for a holiday like this, but you’ll actually save money, because your cruise includes the cost of your food and most drinks. This way, you’ll only have to budget to feed yourselves for the land part of your break, and even then, why not look at an all inclusive hotel? See, there are ways to make these kinds of breaks possible for those on a budget.


It doesn’t even have to be a USA/Caribbean break, and if you prefer, you can do this kind of holiday almost anywhere, with companies happy to tailor-make a break for you. If you’re look at a Mediterranean cruise, you could easily do your own cruise and land break by booking a week at your cruise pick up point, with cheap flights available through low-cost airlines, booking a cheap hotel, and then joining your cruise, or the other way around.

The great thing about a two-centre break such as this is that it offers the ultimate idea of freedom, and you’ll see countless places and sights along the way. Certainly one for the camera, and certainly more affordable than you might think.

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