4 Tips for Choosing Which Airbnb to Stay in

I love staying in Airbnbs, for a host of reasons but namely because I can save costs due to being able to cook at home, being able to do laundry if there’s a washer drier and just having a lot more space for your money when compared to a hotel of the same caliber. I’ve stayed in Airbnbs in dozens on countries, and the only time I’ll consider using a hotel instead of an Airbnb is when I am arriving at a weird hour. For the most part, Airbnbs are my preference and it seems I’m not alone. A recent report from Schofields Insurance, a home insurance company, states that 44% of traveller have stayed in Airbnbs. That’s compared to 65% who have stayed in hotels and only 18% who have stayed in hostels. For more information, please read more here.

So while the popularity of Airbnb keep rising, there’s still a surprising¬†number of people who haven’t yet tried Airbnb on for size and I think they’re really missing out. To help newcomers make the most of their future Airbnb stays, I’ve made this helpful list of 4 tips for choosing which Airbnb to stay in.

1. Check the Host’s Feedback
Looking through their feedback will give you a good idea whether people felt that the house or apartment was accurately described and whether there are any key issues you should know about, such as deceiving pictures, loud noise from a nearby bar or property, or any other issues. I would not suggest staying somewhere where the host has numerous bad feedbacks on their profile, unless the issues are not something that would bother you or impact your stay.

2. Check for Extra Costs
Sometimes the cleaning fees or deposits are really high for certain properties. Of course, if you’re a good guest you’ll get the deposit back, but you also may not want to have such a large deposit taken off your credit card in the midst of a trip. Just check all the extra costs before you book as you don’t want any nasty surprises.

3. Be Smart About the Location
Often Airbnbs further out from the city or tourist locations are cheaper. Be careful to consider your transport costs, whether it will be driving or your public transport costs. For example, I found it better to pay a little more for a hotel in Paris in order to be able to walk to almost all of the tourist attractions, rather than stay further out and pay more for transport. Being smart about the location will make your trip much easier and hopefully less expensive.

4. Consider Money  Savers
Some money savers you might encounter in an Airbnb are things such as a well stocked kitchen that has oils and spices so you only have to buy minimal ingredients. Some places offer breakfast and free coffee capsules, while others have washers and driers and powder included. These little niceties can make your life easier and cheaper and are things I often look out for.

Use these four tips and you’ll likely score yourself a great deal.

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