4 Things to Think About for a Destination Wedding

I love the idea of a destination wedding, there’s nothing more romantic nor exotic to me than getting marred in a foreign land. Where I’m from it’s very expensive to get married, so people are now starting to plan destination weddings so they can get more bang from their buck, have their wedding in a beautiful location and enjoy a holiday with family and friends while celebrating their special day. There are four things you should consider before committing to a destination wedding and I want to share them with you today:

1. Ease of Access for Family and Friends
If the husband and wife to be are from different countries, it may be a struggle to find a middle ground that both them families are happy with. For example, I had a New Zealand friend marry a Scottish bride, knowing that either destination would be difficult for each family to visit, they decided on somewhere roughly in the middle – Mexico. Not only was the wedding cheaper than if it was in either person’s home country, it meant that both families could have medium expenses to attend, rather than only one having to fork out a lot of money to go to the wedding. Personally, I would love a destination wedding in Greece.

2. How You’ll Organise It
If I decide to have ¬†destination wedding, I would hire a wedding planner so they can negotiate with all vendors on your behalf. This is especially important if you do not speak the local language and it will just save you a lot of backwards and forwards which can be exhausting when you’re dealing with different time zones and languages. Use a Pinterest board to easily share concepts with your planner.

3. The Cost for Guests
If your bridesmaids and groomsmen are spending a lot on the transportation to the wedding, it may be worth considering paying for their suits and dresses, as a gesture of appreciation. After all you are the person choosing to have the wedding overseas, which will mean they will have to pay for flights, hotels, food and have to take time off work just to celebrate with you. Be mindful of the costs for the guests and try your best to minimise it where you can.

4. Handle the Logistics
A friend of mine recently got married in Vietnam and in order to make things easier for her, guest made some custom signs that the taxi driver used to shuttle all guests from the airport to the hotel they booked. This is a smart idea, not only did she do this but she made all the hotel reservations and taxi bookings. This was a lot of extra work for her, but made things so much easier for the guests, many of whom had never travelled to Vietnam before.

Whether you’re dreaming of weddings in Mykonos or somewhere else, it’s important to consider and manage these four points before you book in your destination wedding.

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