Why Grenada is the hottest destination for millennial holidaymakers

In 2014, the Grenada Tourism Authority unveiled a destination brand move aimed at repositioning the country as a major tourist destination for the young. Indeed, the brand tagline “Pure Grenada” embodies the nation’s focus on catering to the somewhat different tastes of millennial travellers.


This is a generation that values unique experiences, diversity, and authenticity. It’s also a generation that is turning away from social networking while abroad, and Wi-Fi access is no longer such a desirable amenity as it recently was. Looking for dynamic, energetic and high-design destinations, the emphasis now is on experiential travel.


Islands that are rich in culture and biodiversity such as Grenada are perfectly placed to offer this authentic experience.


The Grenada Tourism Authority is pitching to millennials


At the end of last year, Patricia Maher, newly appointed CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, sat down with leading travel magazine Travel Agent to discuss the future of Grenada as a destination brand. “I would say we are getting more of an older clientele, around 40-plus,” she discussed, adding that she would  like to get more millennials to Grenada in the future.


Given that millennials are now the largest generation in history, it makes sense to pitch to this clientele which is now driving trends in the global tourism industry. Demanding action and adventure, combined with an off-the beaten track experience, traditional tourist hotspots are losing ground. There’s also an increase in millennial solo-travellers, and a new focus on foodie experiences as well as environmentally and socially responsible tourism too.


For Maher, Grenada is perfectly placed to offer the authentic experiences craved by millennial wanderlusts. Grenadian people pride themselves on being a community where guests can connect with locals, where travellers are able to move about freely and safely, and where visitors can fully immerse themselves in island culture.


Grenada’s eco-centric accommodation appeals to millennial holidaymakers


In a further attempt to target millennials, the Tourism Authority is now focusing its marketing strategy on making Pure Grenada more sustainable. The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association’s Tourism Fund supports projects geared toward keeping Grenada safe, clean, and green, which certainly appeals to millennial travellers who are fueling a surge in eco- and altru-tourism.


Grenada’s tourism sector offers hotels and accommodation located in vibrant social spaces and conscious of their energy consumption, eco-friendliness, and positive community impact. One example is the Paradise Bay Resort & Spa, which takes care to compensate the carbon emissions of all guests’ flights and therefore guarantee a Carbon-Free Vacation.


The Lodge is an eco-centric hotel located in the tropical rainforest above Grenada’s stunning west coastline and the Caribbean Sea. A vegan establishment, the hotel grows all its produce on-site or sources goods from local organic farmers. There’s also the option for guests to retreat from the ‘real world:’ this holiday does not offer multimedia entertainment such as TV, or electrical air conditioning.


Many new developments on the island are supported by Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme, which invites investment in approved Grenadian real estate in return for citizenship. Projects include Mount Cinnamon Resort, a secluded development overlooking Grenada’s Grand Anse Beach and an area of great natural topography. The Programme supports the local economy and yields lucrative rewards: the tourism and hospitality industries regularly report a double-digit increase in net operating income per annum.


Grenada offers activities and experiences millennial travellers crave


With jungle hiking trails, sea snorkelling, and stunning waterfall tours, Grenada is aiming to highlight its natural attractions to target adventure travellers in the coming years—more specifically, millennial travellers. Given that millennial holidaymakers are more action-oriented, this seems like a winning strategy.


Clarice Modeste-Curwen, Grenada’s Minister of Tourism, has said that romance, soft adventure, sailing, yachting, cruising and diving are all key niche markets. Grenada attracts millennial thrill seekers with these popular activities, the likes of which include snorkelling and scuba diving with Dive Grenada, a company working in collaboration with the Fisheries Division of Grenada to construct an artificial reef to support the local ecosystem.


Other attractions similarly celebrate Grenada’s natural environment. There are plenty of waterfalls to visit and rainforests to explore. The country’s quirkiest attraction, its Underwater Sculpture Park in Molinère Bay, was the first of its kind in the world, forming an artificial reef to encourage marine life. Visitors can also take part in Grenada’s Spicemas Festival, a celebration of the nation’s ‘spicy’ history and culture that makes for a truly immersive experience.


Grenada’s mountainous terrain, lush forests, and secluded water falls make the perfect destination for a generation that wants to touch, smell, feel, and appreciate the uniqueness of every destination. Match that with the Caribbean Spice Isle’s historical riches and colourful culture, and it’s no wonder Grenada is fast becoming the hottest destination for millennial holidaymakers.

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