5 Summer Holiday Ideas

Summer is here! I’m sure many of you are just as excited as I am to see the end of the cold months and to have some time off with friends and family to travel. Do you have any plans for summer travel yet? If not, I wanted to inspire you with 5 summer holiday ideas that will make you feel like you have really had a holiday.

1. Have a Cottage Holiday
Rent a beautiful cottage somewhere and you can decompress with friends and family. Take some board games to play during the night and some marshmallows to toast. A cottage holiday is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and really detox from everything. If you can, take a few days break from the Internet so you can really decompress. Not sure where to go? Maybe you can find a quiet forest of Dean cottage for total peace and tranquility.

2. Hunt Out a Beach
There’s nothing more I love than laying on a beautiful white sand beach and sipping a nice drink in the sunshine. To me, that is a perfect holiday, especially if the sea water is warm enough to swim in without shivering. If this sounds like a good idea to you, why not consider a trip to Spain? Or if you are looking for something more exotic, what about Thailand? Yes flights are expensive, but once you arrive the cost of the holiday will be much cheaper than anywhere else in Europe. Who can say no to $5 massages?

3. A Cruise
One of the things I like least about traveling is all the unpacking and packing you have to do as you move between destinations. Cruises seem to be the perfect solution as you can just unpack properly once and spend days – or weeks – exploring new destinations while getting to go back ‘home’ to the same bedroom every day. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

4. A Staycation
If your budget is not quite what you hoped for these summer holidays, why not consider a staycation. You can book into a hotel for a night or two in your city and promise to only try new restaurants and new activities, seeing your own city with the same enthusiasm a first time visitor would. It’s a great way to get that holiday feeling without the holiday costs.

5. A Road Trip
Go visit friends or family that are located a few hours away. Of course, ask in advance, but this is a great way to get out of town and to see loved ones you may not see as often as you would like. This works even better if your friends are also on holiday, because then they’ll have time to show you around!

Summer holidays are one of my favourite times of year; so many great memories are made. Use these tips to make the best of your summer vacations no matter your budget!

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