Bucket List Travel: African Safari

Tired of the concrete jungle? Tired of the small-town ways?

Stop for a moment and imagine yourself sitting just a few feet away from lions, gazelles and other marvellous creatures of the African safari. Stop for a moment and imagine yourself being there, feeling their life and the pulse of the continent where life itself appears to have begun. Why not mix the excitement and adventure of a Safari,with the comfort and luxury of Luxury Holidays with Elegant Resorts

So, is an African safari on your bucket list? If not, you should definitely read on because there are at least 5 great reasons why you should make sure it is!


1. Away From it All

Some people choose to come back home after each day of 9-5 work, turn on their TVs or their computers and then simply get away from it all by immersing themselves into other worlds. Others choose to do this as well, but choose to actually, physically get away from it all at least once or twice a year. If the idea seems good to you, then you should certainly know that an African Safari is just the right place to be if you want a real change of scenery.

2. Unique Opportunity

If you are among those who like watching animal life documentaries, then you definitely dream of seeing all those fantastic creatures in live as well. Unfortunately, many of the African fauna “residents” are already endangered and you can never know when they will run extinct if solutions cannot be found to this issue. If you really want to see them while they are still there, then book a safari as soon as possible and allow yourself to step into a world of pure natural grandeur.


3. Adventure and Thrill

Nothing can actually be compared to that small (or large) push of adrenaline your body secrets when it finds itself in thrilling situations. While safaris are very safe and while tourists are well taken care of, you will still feel that this trip will be a true adventure. After all, you will be stepping on lands most of your friends and family will never step on. You will discover great places, great historical sites, great animals and great flora. You will embark in an adventure that is very much likely going to stick with you for a very long time now. As a matter of fact, you are very likely to be one of those few people out there who will tell their grandchildren stories of “that time when you went in an African safari trip”.

4. Socialize

An African safari will naturally attract people from all over the world, so if you are a sociable and friendly person, you will definitely love the opportunity of getting to know people who come from different cultural backgrounds than you do. It is always a great experience to meet such people and a lot of them will become your friends for a long time from now on.


5. The Life Lesson

There is something about visiting such a place that offers you with important life lessons. You will learn how precious, how grand and yet, how frail nature can be. You will learn how great it can be to just get closer to your roots. You will learn that respect and beauty always come together and, by the end of your trip, you will learn that protecting our natural wonders is one of the most important things we should be doing.

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