Portsmouth Historic Dockyard: One Of The Best Museums In The UK

Not always featured on the UK tourist trail, a trip to Portsmouth should be a must for anyone wanting a great day out with plenty to see and do. The dockyards contain a number of historic vessels, any one of which would be worth a trip in itself, from the Mary Rose, Henry the Eighth’s doomed flagship, to HMS Victory, where Nelson fought and died during the battle of Trafalgar, and much more besides.

Great fun and great value

Whether you are a history fan, enjoy the sea, or just like to be entertained, head down to the south coast of England. If you want to visit the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard — one of the finest museums in the United Kingdom — it would be best if you’ll obtain a Portsmouth Historic Dockyard voucher because this will enable you to enjoy your tour in a budget-friendly manner.

Activities for the whole family

As well as all the vessels on show there are a number of other attractions to enjoy. The Dockyard Apprentice experience takes visitors back to 1911 to discover the sights and sounds that would have been familiar to the 25,000 workers in its heyday. Action Stations allows you to find out what it is like to be part of the modern Royal Navy, commanding a warship or piloting a helicopter simulator. Sky Tykes includes climbing ropes and balance beams suitable for younger children to let off some steam, with one of the highest climbing towers in Europe for the older ones.

Harbour trips

As well as the museums and exhibits, Portsmouth is home to the British Royal Navy whose ships use the base to refuel and refit before heading out to patrol the world’s oceans. Harbour trips are available from the dockyard for an up close and personal experience of frigates, destroyers and helicopter carriers, along with a ships eye view of the historic buildings and other vessels.

Making a trip to Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyards is bound to be one of the highlights of your trip, so don’t forget to grab a voucher.

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