Dalaman Nightlife

When it comes to having a good knees-up, the Turkish region of Dalaman knows how to get everyone up and dancing their way towards dawn. A favourite among tourists, it is fast getting a reputation as the place to be for party-goers. Whether you’re looking for an all-nighter on the town or just a quiet drink in a bar somewhere, this vibrant region has everything you could possibly wish for. If you don’t believe us, book your flights to Dalaman today. Once you get there, be sure to check out some of the bars and clubs below – guaranteed to be buzzing with atmosphere and generous with the drinks.

Photo Credit: "Marmaris" by artibabe on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Marmaris” by artibabe on Flickr

Young and lively

For the young and lively, the Malibu Beach Bar is active and inviting in the evenings. It’s geared towards tourists, so don’t expect to see many of the locals joining you. Still, it’s a good place to enjoy a cooling drink before hitting the dance floor and partying until the wee small hours to the latest R&B hits. Malibu Beach Bar can be found at Kemal Elgin Bulvari 138, in Dalaman town.

Alternatively, take a stroll down the aptly-named Bar Street in Marmaris, where you will find every type of pub, club and bar imaginable. Many of these keep the party going until sunrise (and in some cases, for a while afterwards), with our recommendations including Back Street Bar, Green House Bar and Club Areena. Dance until you drop and then grab a taxi back to the hotel.

A laid-back evening

Positioned as it is on the coast of Turkey, Marmaris also has a number of attractive bars overlooking the ocean. Wandering the sealine, you are far more likely to encounter a laid-back bar or the Turkish equivalent of a traditional British pub. It is now illegal to enjoy the traditional Shisha pipe in public, with the government taking drastic steps to outlaw it in January this year, but there are other local traditions to enjoy. Plenty of quieter pubs serve Raki, an anise-flavoured hard alcoholic drink that is immensely popular throughout the country. You can even have a go at trying Ankara whiskey if you fancy a change from the Scottish variety.

Photo Credit: "Marmaris" by artibabe on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Marmaris” by artibabe on Flickr

With food

Restaurants are as much a part of the nightlife as the clubs and bars – in fact, they’re often the prelude (or indeed the closing number) to a messy evening. Once again, tradition has a strong influence here. Expect Turkish kebab outlets around every corner, but be advised that the olive oil used to fry them is often potent. If you have delicate insides and are headed on an epic night out, it may be wise to stick to a pizza or a salad (hold the dressing) otherwise you may spend the majority of the evening in the toilet. There are plenty of opportunities to get the drinking started alongside your meal, although Turkish wine has received mixed reviews.

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