Four Reasons to Visit Malta

Malta is a small island south of Italy that does not get the attention it deserves. Malta has striking natural beauty as well as a number of man-made attractions that ensure it is a wonderful holiday destination. There’s also numerous kid’s activities scattered across the island, ensuring it is perfect for families with children that need to be properly entertained. If you’re looking for an affordable holiday destination that packs a lot of culture and sun then you should consider some last minute holidays to Malta. Here are our top four reasons why you should consider visiting Malta as soon as you can get some holiday leave approved:
1) Lots of Outdoor Fun
We’re big fans of adventure travel and Malta certainly offers a lot of punch for its size. Here you’ll be able to dive in some of the most beautiful waters in the world, enjoying all the natural marine life up close and personal. Perhaps you’d rather find yourself rock-climbing some of the most striking limestone cliffs in Europe? Malta is home to over 1,300 graded rock-climbing routes, ensuring there is something on offer for both the very experience rock-climbers, and those who are a little newer to the sport. If that wasn’t enough to get you hooked, there’s also kitesurfing, water-skiing, sailing, kayaking and mountain biking on offer.
Photo Credit: "Malta" by ramonbaile on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Malta” by ramonbaile on Flickr

2) Fun Activities for Children
For many parents planning a holiday, this is often one of the most important questions: “Will their be enough entertainment to keep my children satisfied so that I can get a holiday too?” When it comes to Malta the answer is a resounding yes. If your kids tire of the bright, sandy beaches then there’s a lot on offer to keep them busy, from the weekly Knights Spectacular 1565 dinner and show at The Arena right through to The Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens. There’s also Mdina Dungeons, which prove an interesting insight to the medieval times, perfect for any little prince or princess.
3) An Unusual Capital
While Malta’s capital, Valetta, is quite small in size, it certainly has a lot to offer. The entire city is walled, while offering a lot of charm and historical sites. From the 16th century fortress that is built almost exclusively out of limestone, to John’s Co-Cathedral, which is filled with treasures. Inside you’ll also find the tombs of fallen soldiers, many of which are decorated with macabre scenes showing war and death. If you are have an interest in theatre, the Manoel Theatre is certainly worth a visit, both for the theatre and to view the incredible building.
Photo Credit: "Malta Skyline" by whaledancer99 on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Malta Skyline” by whaledancer99 on Flickr

4) Beautiful Beaches and Beautiful Weather
Due to it’s location, Malta doesn’t have to worry too much about winter. All-year round Malta boasts beautiful weather, making it a wonderful “winter escape”. On this small island you’ll find red-sand, golden-sand, blue lagoons and rocky shores. If you’re a fan of gorgeous blue water, make sure you book in a day trip to Comino’s Blue Lagoon. Golden Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Malta and for good reason, it is lined with bright golden sand that contrasts the beautiful water perfectly.
Malta’s tourism is on the increase as more and more people realise what a wonderful holiday destination this small island is. The next time you’re dreaming of an island escape, quickly snap up some last minute deals to Malta.

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