Easiest Floors to Clean and maintain

As much as solid wood is a great choice when it comes to looks, it’s not always the most practical floor to maintain and keep clean. However, there’s not a flooring that requires no maintenance, the trick is to pick one that’s the best and we’re here to help you make that decision.


Wood is not only stunning, but does have some fantastic maintenance qualities that will help you with everyday maintenance. You have to be careful how you clean it however, as certain vacuum attachments can scratch it and never use a steam mop. Don’t place it in areas that see high exposure to water either, as this can cause it to warp and swell. It is extremely durable however, and can last for a lifetime if cared for properly. You can sand it down and refinish it to eradicate any wear and tear too. Therefore, if you’re up for a little more everyday maintenance, wood flooring will serve you well.


Not only is laminate cheap and cheerful but requires little maintenance to keep it looking fantastic. A quick mop and sweep a few times a week will do the trick and is resistant to scratches, stains and water – perfect for rooms that see high exposure to these! The only issue is that if it does get damaged, then you’ll have to replace the whole thing or put up with the damage.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

The best option by far – if you’re wanting something as carefree as possible then this is by far the best choice for you! Stain, scratch and waterproof, this brilliant flooring will serve you well if you want something completely practical. It is ideal for the kitchen and bathroom due to these properties and will last for many years without showing wear. Cleaning is nice and stress free too, and you can get away with mopping it once a week. It also comes in convincing impressions of desirable natural materials such as real wood and stone too, so you don’t even have to give up gorgeous looks for the sake of practicality!


Stone of course is worth mentioning and is always popular with homeowners, presenting a classical and affluent look. Its nearly impossible to crack and scratch too as well as not needing cleaning too often. It can become very slippery when wet, so make sure you mop it as dry as possible!

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