The Costs to Buying a Home in San Francisco

When buying a home in San Francisco, there are many costs to consider. For one, the cost of buying your home; for two, the closing costs associated with house buying; and for three, the living costs all residents of San Francisco will be aware of.

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Cost of Housing in San Francisco

The typical house price for a property in San Francisco is currently thought to be $1,522,827. This is a seasonally adjusted figure and incorporates only the middle price range of houses. The figures show that the price of San Francisco homes has risen by 7.3% over the past year.

The good news, if you are on a tight budget and want to move to San Francisco, is that the lower-priced homes will not be included in the middle price tier, so will not necessarily have been affected by a price rise. It is something to check with a real estate agent.

Closing Costs

Also, to consider when buying a home in San Francisco is that there will be closing costs to add to the purchase price. These will relate to loan origination, appraisal and survey fees, title insurance, and homeowners insurance. Also, property taxes, escrow fees, and attorney fees. There are likely to be other fees too, such as those related to credit checks and registering a house purchase with the local government.

Usually, six months of advance property tax will be paid on closing. Mortgage points will be directed to the lender in exchange for closing. These are also referred to as discount points. They are fees that will be paid directly upon closing, in exchange for having a reduced interest rate. One point represents 1% of your mortgage, and so will amount to $1,000 per $100,000. With this, you will in effect be paying some interest in advance in exchange for lower interest rates during the life of a loan.

Living Costs in San Francisco

It is considered that you should earn three times what your monthly rent is if you desire to live in San Francisco. This is something to apply wherever you live. With the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco likely to be something like $3,367, your monthly earnings, before tax, would need to amount to a minimum of £10,101. So, this gives you some idea as to whether you can afford to live in San Francisco. This is to live comfortably, and we all want to be able to do that. The all-year-round mild weather will take care of it outside, but we want to be comfortable while inside too.

While $75,000 might be a comfortable salary for a single person to earn in the Bay Area of San Francisco without loans and perhaps four roommates, it will not be enough for a young family that resides in Orange County when they are considering homeownership and their children’s education. So, think carefully about all the costs when you move, so that everything is factored in, including the cost of living once you have settled in. House purchase and closing costs will just be the initial costs to set up there.

In conclusion, know all your costs when relocating. If to San Francisco, then think about the ultimate and total cost of living there. This will mean thinking about how much the housing is to buy, just how many extra costs can end up being payable to close. Then, think about all the costs involved in living. There will be rent if you do not buy your home. Also, groceries and heating bills. This is apart from the costs of owning a car and commuting and making sure that you can pay for a child’s occupation. Then, as wonderful as the weather is in San Francisco, you are still likely to want to have enough money spare for a nice relaxing or adventurous holiday elsewhere. Your previous one may well, of course, have been to San Francisco, which might have been how you first heard about this place.

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