Laminate vs Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Laminate and luxury vinyl tiles are the perfect option if yon enjoy the authentic look of real wood but need something at a cheaper price and easier to manage. Deciding that you’re going to go for something that’s cheaper than real wood is the easy decision, the hard bit is when it comes down to trying to choose between laminate and LVT. So what exactly is the difference and how do you decide between the two? You’re about to find out…

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl has been used in homes and commercial properties for many years, but it’s only recently that it’s come back into fashion. Forget the old fashioned lino of the 1970s, it’s been revolutionised to create the highly sophisticated and stylish luxury vinyl tiles of today.

LVT is incredibly durable and will last for many years after it’s installed. This makes it ideal for rooms that see lots of use and footfall such as the kitchen and living room. Additionally, it is scratch, stain and water proof as well as being incredibly easy to clean – the most easy going flooring available!

So what exactly is the difference between LVT and standard sheet vinyl? LVT comes in individual pieces like planks whereas traditional vinyl comes in a sheet that is cut to the length of the room. The layers that make up LVT are thicker than regular vinyl too, making it much more durable.

One of the main advantages of LVT is that it can replicate pretty much any surface. You can often get the realistic look of real wood, stone and tile but at a much cheaper price along with easier installation and maintenance. This is why we’d recommend LVT as the perfect choice for a busy family household.


Laminate is another worthy contender and is very popular in all sorts of households. It holds many similarities to LVT, the main one being its ease of maintenance and cleaning. It scratch, stain and water resistant but not proof, so just be aware of this when you’re laying it in rooms that see high exposure to water such as the bathroom and kitchen. Coming in impressive replicas of natural products, laminate is the most affordable flooring option available.

Like LVT, laminate is very easy to keep clean and only warm soapy water to mop is necessary – no fancy chemicals! It is also very easy to install, perfect if DIY isn’t really your thing!


Overall, both LVT and laminate hold very similar properties. In terms of looks, there isn’t much difference between the two of them as they both successfully replicate natural products very convincingly. We’d recommend LVT if you want something highly practical, whereas laminate is ideal if you need a cheap and quick fix.

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