Going Places Without Leaving Home? Yes, it’s Possible

Nothing compares to the experience of traveling far, seeing new places, exploring cultures and traditions, and seeking out entertainment of your preferred kind. But there are times when this is not possible – either due to a busy schedule, health issues, or other reasons. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the experiences you seek, only that you can get them more diluted – through the internet. Here are three ways in which you can go places without even leaving your home.

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No need to see Vegas

People traveling to gaming destinations are seeking different things: some want to meet celebrities, others want to experience its nightlife, and a significant proportion seeks them out for their gambling services. If this is your goal, but you can’t go, you can always let the games come to you. The online gaming services at the www.royalvegascasino.com are the solution.

The Royal Vegas is a reputable gaming portal with over a decade of history. Over the years, the Royal Vegas has built a game library that often exceeds what land-based gaming facilities can offer. Besides, it comes with the perks of being online: your favorite blackjack table is always free at the Royal Vegas, and you can play your preferred slot machine at any time – no need to stand in line.

Even in countries where gaming online is not allowed, there are solutions – simulated gaming, or social gaming – to satisfy your needs. These might not be the same as playing for real, but they surely come with enough entertainment value to ease the pain.

Streaming them all

Want to go to Glastonbury, Sziget, or Tomorrowland, but can’t? Want to see your favorite artist perform on-stage, but you have this important meeting on the very same day? Well, fear not – most major events now offer live video streams of such performances that you can follow from half a world away.

And if you can’t follow the concert live, you can catch up later thanks to online services like Qello, that understand your problems. Qello offers its users access to recordings of thousands of live events. Among its highlights you can find performances by Tiesto, Elton John, B. B. King with Slash live at the Royal Albert Hall, and a huge variety of other events, categorized by decade and by genre.

Qello offers access to its services on a series of platforms – smartphones, tablets, Apple TV, Android TV and Google TV, a series of smart TVs and set top boxes (including Roku). You can try Qello free for a month, then subscribe to its All Access services for a flat fee of $7.99 a month ($69.99 a year). A small price to always have your favorite concerts at your fingertips.

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