Kids from Yorkshire Spend most of their time Indoors in Summer

A recent study revealed that kids living in Yorkshire will spend the majority of their summer holidays indoors, instead of outside enjoying nature.

Less than 17% of youngsters in Yorkshire spend time in the gorgeous countryside of the region, according to the survey of 1,200 people, conducted by Yorkshire Water.

The company is aiming to reverse this trend, and has created a free adventure pack, helping thousands of Yorkshire parents prevent boredom and entertain their kids over the summer.

Yorkshire Water is the second largest landowner in the area, and if you head to their Facebook page, you’ll find a daily prize draw offering visitors the chance to win a gorgeous luxury picnic rucksack so families can spend more time outdoors with their young children.

There are a few different reservoirs in Yorkshire that are popular for kids, including Fewston, Scammonden, Swinsty, Scar House, Langsett, Damflask, and Winscar.


Goeff Lomas is Yorkshire Water’s recreation manager, and he said residents are lucky to live in a county with beautiful, wild countryside, historic cities and market towns and fantastic coastline, however the company’s research found that most kids are preferring to spend the majority of their time inside instead of enjoying the many delights of ‘God’s Own County.’

“Our adventure pack has been designed to get more youngsters participating in a range of fun outdoor activities,” he said.

The adventure packs are aimed at kids under fourteen and can be downloaded free from Yorkshire Water’s website. You’ll find a range of educational and fun games for kids to play outdoors, including duck feeding, bird cake recipes, cloud hunting, plant spotting and scavenger hunting.

Most visitors to the area are 55 and older, but the company is aiming to attract more families with young kids to its moorland, reservoirs and woodland, so they can enjoy the natural beauty of the area, and most importantly, get outside.

Yorkshire Water looks after 72,000 acres of countryside and two million visitors are welcomed to its land annually.

There are many reasons why kids should be playing outside. Unfortunately, with bigger portion sizes and sugar added to just about all foods, childhood obesity has more than doubled over the past ten years, as kids spend their time indoors and sedentary. If you’re wanting your kids to sleep well, they also need to be exposed to sunshine so that their pineal gland will be stimulated, which releases melatonin and regulates their sleeping patterns.

The sun will also put your kids in a better mood, something that you’ll need over the summer holidays. And let’s not forget about their immune systems, as kids need to spend time playing in the dirt so that they can have early exposure to germs and teach the body how to respond properly. When they’re exposed to the sun, they’ll also get Vitamin D which helps kids fight off infection as well.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should get your kids outside this summer. To download a Yorkshire Water adventure pack and make the most of this week’s mini heatwave visit:

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