How to Play High Card Flush?

To play high card Flush card Poker, you need a standard 52-card deck of cards. Each player will have seven dealt cards.  The winner is determined by the number of cards they possess, if both have the same number of cards or real money online slots, the highest-ranking card is used to determine the winner.

The objective is to have a minimum of a 3-card flush and beat the dealer’s hand.

  • Flush- a set of cards that are in the same suite, for example hearts, spades clubs and hearts.

Playing the game

Players will begin by placing the first wager and optionally place a straight flush or flush bonus.

After this process, players will then receive their seven cards face down.  Players will then examine their hand and decide whether they will fold or raise.

After all the players have acted upon their hands, the hand of the designated player is revealed. This means that his seven cards are shown to everyone, and all the player’s hands are compared to his. This is done to determine the winner.

The designated player or the dealer, who is the last player to receive cards in the initial deal, must have a hand containing at least a three-card 9-high flush quality to qualify or americancasinosites.

If the designated player fails to qualify, the ante wager will get paid, the players will get even money and the raise wager pushes.

Neither the dealer nor the player may possess a flush with extra cards than the other.  When this happens, the one with the highest number of flush cards will win.

The Bonus Bet

The wager is optional and it is placed before the cards are dealt. The house edge on this wager is close to 7.8%. The payable is as follows

  • Four card flash, 2 to 1
  • Five card flush, 5 to 1
  • Six card flush, 75 to 1
  • Seven card flush, 300 to 1

 Straight flush bonus

The edge in this wager is high, it has got a house edge of 13%.

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