Professor Larry Goodyear Suggest Travel Clinics for Pharmacies

A recent plan for the addition of pharmacists in surgeries in order to help GP practices has been lauded as “sensible” by Professor Goodyear, who is the Medical Director for Nomad Travel.

GP’s are now seeing 70 million more patients than they were five years ago, and while the number of patients continues to increase, the number of GP’s has stayed close to the same.

However the UK is seeing an over-supply of pharmacists, which is excellent news for the country. These pharmacists have a wealth of experience and knowledge, and would be able to help patients with their day-to-day issues with medication. It can be confusing transitioning from a hospital back into community care, and the aim is to have these pharmacists helping patients to understand their medicines and the information they’ve been given by their doctors.


There are many people with diabetes and asthma in the UK, and these patients are likely to appreciate the news that they will have a knowledgeable pharmacists who can give them advice and take the time to answer any of their questions.

Professor Goodyear said he thinks the pharmacy profession is ready to embrace this decision, but also said that a useful service for pharmacies would be a travel clinic, which could also free up practice nurses in GP surgeries.

Pharmacies are increasingly offering vaccination services for those who will be traveling soon, as well as antimalarial. While there are a few vaccines which are free if patients get them through their GP, it can sometimes take a week or longer for a patient to get an appointment.


While it’s great news that there are plans in the works to ease pressure at GP practices across the UK, Professor Goodyear says “People should consider visiting a private clinic”. This is because travel clinics are staffed by those who have a huge amount of experience with travel vaccines, and can answer questions that general GP’s and nurses may have to research.

Those who will soon be traveling will be able to find travel clinics at Nomad Travel. Travellers can have a free 20-minute consultation with an expert, and prices of vaccinations are usually either the same or less than you’ll find elsewhere.

If you have access to a good private clinic, it makes sense to take advantage of expert advice, and travellers can also pick up anything else they need for their trip at the same time, as Nomad Travel stores have a retail chain, pharmacy, and travel clinic.

A visit to Nomad Travel is also an excellent idea if you’re going away for a longer period of time, have more complex medical needs, or will be travelling to countries which are less visited. If you’re not based near a specialist clinic you can talk to your local pharmacy for advice.


Editors Notes

Established in 1990 by Paul Goodyer, Nomad Travel has grown to ten stores across the UK. Along with the retail chain and travel clinic, each store has a pharmacy which offers customised solutions for groups and individuals.

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