Why you should rent a sports car in Europe

Planning a trip to Europe? A luxury sports car is a guaranteed way to spice up your trip. Travel through some of the most famous roads in Europe, enjoy culinary delights, lavish hospitality, and culturally significant sight.

Love the idea of renting a Ferrari in Italy? And if you’re wondering if renting a sports car will break the bank, you may be surprised at the kind of rates you can pay for the experience of a lifetime.

Luxury sports cars have been available to rent in many different holiday regions like Tuscany and the south of France for some time. Rates vary hugely, and will depend on the location and the car. Generally, the more luxurious the model, the higher the rate. Of course, you’ll also need to think about insurance. If you book your car from the UK, you’ll usually have theft protection and collision damage waiver. However, in many other European countries, you’re likely to have a high excess.

Luckily, you can easily reduce this excess all the way down to zero by choosing an excess waiver insurance. This will mean you can have peace of mind while you’re driving your sports car in some of the most scenic destinations in the world, including Italy, French Riviera and Switzerland.

There are also a few other things you should remember if you’re planning to rent a sports car or luxury vehicle. The minimum age is likely to be higher, and could range from 25 to 30. When you’re booking your car, keep an eye out for the words “or similar” which will be written next to the car you’re booking. If you have always dreamed of driving a particular model, make sure you choose a company that can guarantee you this car.

You should also check if your rental includes unlimited mileage. While this is usually the case with standard vehicles, this may not be included with luxury or sports cars. And keep in mind that your fuel costs are also likely to be much higher when you hire a sports car as they tend to use much more gas.

Renting a sports car in Europe can often be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and the above tips will ensure your trip goes well. Want to learn more? Check out lurento.com, luxury and sports car rental marketplace, where you can find live rates, genuine photos and rental guides.

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