Surprisingly Fabulous Fall and Winter Vacation Destinations

The season of frost and freezing chill has arrived. Fall is here, and winter is following close behind. Grab your passport, sunglasses, and swimwear to escape the frigid cold. The following destinations are fabulous, calming, and luxurious enough to relax your mind and body with comfortable amenities and warm sunshine.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin

If you are looking for a shorter getaway or perhaps a quick weekend trip, consider heading out to Green Bay, Wisconsin for an exciting winter vacation. Who said fishing was only a winter activity? You can go on the ice fishing adventure of a lifetime with a Green Bay ice fishing guide. After fishing take in the beautiful landscapes of Door Country known as “Cape Cod of the Midwest”, due to its picturesque coastal towns and scenic beauty.


Lake Titicaca, Peru

Filled to the brim with rich Andean heritage is Lake Titicaca, a secluded destination located inland in South America. Fall and winter are the best times to visit the lake, and the entire area offers relaxing cultural ambience and sweeping panoramas of the blue waters.

It’s picturesque in Lake Titicaca and peaceful, but if you’re prone to altitude sickness it’s not the destination for you. Lake Titicaca has the highest altitude in the world, but if high altitudes don’t bother you, you’ll find it’s the perfect place to revel in warmth and comfort. Take a relaxing boat ride to the middle of the lake to absorb the remarkable views of the Altiplano terrain.


Zanzibar, Tanzania

For an archipelago beach vacation that’s far, far away from home visit Zanzibar. Nestled upon forests of mango trees, coral gardens, and colonial architecture lies this magnificent and unique island destination. It’s hot enough to snorkel, dive, and golf. Visit the heritage site of Stone Town and stroll through food markets, museums, and cobbled courtyards when you’re not splashing around.


Kerala, India

Along India’s south coast and along the Arabian Sea lies the Indian state of Kerala. This colorful and vibrant destination is the perfect getaway for those looking for a family friendly destination and incomparable adventure.

The area is culturally rich, and there are many festivals and boat races to attend. The kids will get a thrill from the many water parks, wildlife, and attractions that Kerala boasts, including the infamous Veegaland. Kerala is the perfect destination to take in the colorful vibes of local music and dance.

It’s not one big party in Kerala. There’s also an abundance of wellness activities that can help you wind down and relax, including a number of spas and spa resorts.

Don’t freeze this fall and winter; instead, open your mind to new customs and sightings and dive into lakes and oceans. You can see sights unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and escape the humdrum of a long winter. These amazing destinations offer a perfect escape from cold weather, and they’ll teach you something about how other cultures live and experience life. From the high altitudes of Lake Titicaca to the colorful dancers of Kerala, India, each of these destinations is unique enough to transfuse your drab winter with warmth and fun.

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