The Best Cruises with the Most Incredible Destinations

There are plenty of cruise lines to choose from. Some of them feature the hugest ships with the most amenities and the largest staff, while others are more low-key, featuring smaller boats and fewer luxuries on board.

But what are the very best cruises from around the world, and which ones offer you the opportunity to travel by sea to the most incredible destinations on the planet? Continue reading for a list to help you plan your next getaway.


The Best Cruise Ships for Caribbean Getaways

Tropical Caribbean getaways offer you exotic holidays, and there are many cruise lines that can take you to some of the world’s most beautiful islands. The very best cruises, though, are offered by the hugest cruise lines, including Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival.

Disney’s line, in particular, offers four ships that provide you with the opportunity to enjoy myriad shore excursions, including rainforest hikes, snorkelling, kayaking, and more. Disney even owns its own island in the Bahamas, Castaway Cay, where you can indulge in seaside massages in between swimming and sunbathing.

The Best Cruise Ships for Touring Europe

If you’re in the mood to tour all of the amazing cities found throughout northern Europe, look no further than the incredible Viking Star ship from Viking Cruises. You’ll be able to tour cities like Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Bergen, Gdansk, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stavanger, and Tallinn.

But if you want to book a Mediterranean trip or a visit or western European cities, this luxurious cruise line will take you there as well. The brand new ship is the cruise line’s first ocean-going option, as the company is known for its river cruises.


The Best Cruise Ship for Viewing Wildlife

If it’s wildlife that you want to view, and if it’s Alaska that you want to see, book a trip on Alaskan Dream Cruises. This cruise line even offers complimentary excursions that put you close to native Alaskan heritage. Ship departures actually coincide with animal migrations and seasons so you can always enjoy the best animal viewing opportunities and weather.

The Best Small Ships

For those who don’t want to go on the biggest cruise lines, there are some incredible options in the small ship category as well. For example, The Regent Seven Seas Voyager has been recognised as providing the best service and the best cabins within the small cruise ship category. And the Azamara Quest provides the best dining experience and the best fitness opportunities, thanks to amenities like a jogging path surrounding the upper deck pool.


Don’t Forget to Get Vaccinated

Many of the places that cruise ships visit are in areas of the world that require you to get vaccinations to protect yourself from diseases that you may be exposed to during your trip. To ensure that your health remains intact no matter where you go, look up the necessary travel and holiday vaccines, as well as those that are simply recommended, and then talk to your doctor or visit a clinic like London Travel Clinic to get the shots that you need before you head off.

So what are you waiting for? With so many amazing cruise lines to choose from, all going to some of the most desirable locations on the planet, you can plan your next trip today.

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